Spring Lovin’

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately so I have been spending all the time I can outside with my little guy.  His favorite outdoor activity is the water table we got him at Costco for his birthday.  He spends hours carrying the water back and forth across the yard in whatever bowls, buckets, or cups he can find.

This is the first Spring Caleb has been old enough (he just turned two) to spend any prolonged time keeping himself occupied outside so I have been taking full advantage and have been redoing all of our landscaping.  It is so nice to be able to plant and weed outside while Caleb plays happily, what a wonderful season of my life I am in!   And it doesn’t hurt that Caleb far prefers to be outside over inside.  We usually spend all morning out in the backyard, have a picnic outside, and then come in for naptime.  Today was chicken salad sandwiches and passion tea lemonade – Yummy!

I have been hitting up all the after-Easter Clearance shopping and have found some great buys!  Target was a big hit, they’re Easter dollar items were 70% off so I loaded up on headbands, socks, coloring books, and packs of pencils to send to my nieces; all $.30 each!  I also loaded up on some small coloring books for Caleb.  They are the perfect size to keep in a baggy with a couple of crayons and grab on the go for a car activity.  (I always keep those little packs of crayons we get from restaurants for things like this).  Hobby Lobby also had some nice things left over from Easter, all 60% off.  I got a beautiful carved egg with two little bunnies inside and a cross that reads “glorify the Lord”.  I think I will put the cross in my craft-room year round, it is so pretty!  Wal-mart was the other store I hit up for Easter clearance, which they had at half-price.  I got about five bottles of sprinkles for baking/decorating and some more coloring activities for Caleb and my nieces.  Today Caleb and I used some of the new sprinkles and decorated some sugar cookies.  He was very patient at spreading the frosting around and sprinkling on the confetti.  So cute!


I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Spring!


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  1. Such a handsome little man. I sure miss him and wished I could have gone shopping with you!

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