I went to an estate sale on Friday in the home of a former Longaberger consultant and in two hours I purchased over forty baskets, which is more than I have in my entire collection!  All of her baskets were in beautiful condition, many of them were still in the shrinkwrap!

I can’t fit them all into one picture so here are some pics of these beautiful baskets!



Most of the baskets came with the liner and protector and some had extra accessories including tie-ons and matching liners for other baskets.  A couple of wrought iron pieces in there as well.


I am not sure what the names of a couple of the baskets are so if anyone could please tell me I would really appreciate it!

Mystery 1:

Oval christmas basket.

Mystery 2:

This is about the size of the small berry basket but is rectangle.  I think I have seen it sold with penpal baskets and small desktop baskets so it might be typically used in the office.


Mystery 3:

The weaving is green but it looks kind of blue in this picture.  It is triple the size of a parsley basket but a little smaller than a spring basket.  I thought it might be one of the May series but I couldn’t find anything like it.

Mystery 4:

This wrought iron piece came with a 7-inch measuring basket but I wasn’t sure if that is what it is usually for.








  1. HI Allison~
    You got some pretty awesome baskets at the sale! I am not sure what the WI piece is but the baskets are: 1~2004 Christmas Get Together which was available with red, green or no color accents. 2~Looks to me like it’s the address basket. 8.25 x 6.25 x 3.75 are the dimensions for the address basket. 3~ looks to me like the 1993 Large Easter. Hope this helps….enjoy those beautiful baskets. Vicci

    • Thank you, Vicci! That is very helpful. I have decided the wrought iron is not Longaberger, it is not up to the level of quality that all my other Longaberger WI is. Thanks again for naming the baskets for me!

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