Where Bloggers Create 2013

This is my second year to participate in My Desert Cottage’s blog party! Here is last years post. Not a whole lot has changed in the room since last year. I added a couple pieces of furniture to the room and re-organized. I can’t wait to browse everyone’s inspiring spaces and I hope you enjoy mine as well!


Here is the room as you walk up from the stairs, Caleb sits at the table in the middle to do crafts, color, work on letters, etc.

DSCN8096My desk in the corner where I do all of my crafting (mostly I scrapbook).

DSCN8106The brown cabinet w/ cubby holes holds all of Caleb’s art supplies and learning tools. He loves having everything where he can easily get it out and isn’t difficult for him to put things back himself.

Some more pictures of the desk and my craft organization using beautiful Longaberger baskets:




DSCN8097I keep supplies for current projects and frequently used supplies in the desk while bulk storage such as stamps and paper pads are stored in the large armoire.

The opposite wall of the room with the  dresser and armoire for storage:

DSCN8104 DSCN8099

The armoire is new since last year and has added so much storage that I actually have an empty drawer in my desk! (which never, ever happens).  🙂   I hope you enjoyed my space!

God Bless, Allison



  1. Allison, I love how you’ve made a special craft place for your son! 🙂 Your studio looks so clean, organized, warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  2. Frankie Ann

    Nice! Love the new furniture additions and of course all the baskets!~

  3. Allison – love your name (it is also my daughter’s name)…
    I LOVE your beautiful and comfy space! The color palette and organization is amazing – and of course I swooned over the baskets all over! What a wonderful place to create! I was also a Longaberger collector and consultant and still have quite a few baskets! 😉 they are the greatest!

  4. What a peaceful, serene space! I love that you’ve include the storage & space for Caleb ~ the two of you must have a blast playing together! Thank you for sharing your space with us ~

  5. Katie

    Your creative space is so wonderfully organized. I love your storage and the fact that you have room for you little one so you can both create together. Thanks for sharing.

  6. creativehomeexpressions

    You’ve got a nice big space, Allison! You’ve also got the cutest companion in Caleb to keep you company in it. : ) You got some great storage space with that armoire.

  7. Great space…and so organized! The baskets are beautiful for storage.
    How wonderful to have a crafting buddy nearby too!

  8. Theresa

    You have such a wonderful large space. It’s so clean and organized. I love a well organized room. It’s easier for me to work in. Thanks for sharing your space.

  9. Wow, so neat and clean… and I love that your little guy is enjoying the creative space too! The baskets are awesome and that armoire? Beautiful! Thank you so much for the tour!

  10. eclecticshorebird

    What a lovely, cheerful organized room! It is well with the OCD side of my soul! Love it ! And that darling smiling face shining like the sun – what more could anyone ask for?

  11. OM Goodness Allison, I love your space. So much space to do things with. It’s very clean and organized, and those baskets, what did you say they were, are beautiful. Your curly headed grandson is a very handsome site. Love Love Love that he is included.


  12. the perfect “playroom” for both of you! your space is fantastic!

  13. Your room is so organized. I just love those baskets. They’re a great way for storing items.

  14. Thanks for sharing your space. Nice you have a space for your wee one to create in. Mine have a dresser beside the dining table that has pencils, pens, etc in for them to take out when they want to. Love that Psalm too. Blessings to you and yours.

  15. Wow, your space is so neatly organized! You must have a lot of fun creating there along with your little one. Thanks for the tour!

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