About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom and wife living in Dallas, Tx.  My wonderful husband and I have been together for almost five years and we have a beautiful, active two year old son.  My days are filled with cooking, family, cleaning, spending time with my bible, decorating, reading, scrapbooking, and all of the other various hobbies I’ve acquired.  I am also a part-time college student working towards my degree in education.

Living in the hustle-bustle of the city provides many distractions, but I find myself longing for a simple way of life where traditional values of family and hard work are held high.  I am inspired by the past and the wisdom of those before us.

It would be my dream to have a simple farmhouse in the country where my family could enjoy a peaceful life.  But until God tells us it’s time to leave the city, I do what I can to bring these ideals to my little corner of the world.



  1. Beverly Shinneman

    Hi Allison,
    I am looking for a corner desk and hutch exactly like the one pictured in your craft/office room. Can you tell me where you got yours/the company that makes it?
    Thanks so much,
    Bev Shinneman

    • Hi! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I don’t blog anymore! I got the desk and hutch at Office Depot. Here is the link for the desk and hutch.


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